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From all aspects of court reporting, videography, and legal support, you will find Pleasanton, Greenhill, Meek & Marsaa a partner in whom you can place your trust. Our experience and professionalism speaks for itself, and we excel in making your job easier.

Pleasanton, Greenhill, Meek & Marsaa is a full-service court reporting agency based in West Palm Beach. We believe that service starts with making your job easier from the very first contact. Our reporters and staff are dedicated to providing you with efficient service, while maintaining the highest level of quality. We were founded by two reporters who believed that they could make a difference together. As the years have passed and the agency has grown, we have not lost sight of those original ideas of providing quality service with a personal touch.

Our Mission is simple – to provide an accurate legal transcript at an affordable price. To help maintain our reliability and accuracy we do not outsource our work overseas.

We know that time is always of the essence and take pride in the fact that a single call to our office will fulfill your legal support needs. PGMM is committed to supporting you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Welcome to Pleasanton, Greenhill, Meek & Marsaa.

Service. Value. Ethical. Timeless. Professional.

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