PGMM is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the court reporting industry. As such, all of our reporters are seasoned stenographic reporters. Every transcript in this office is provided to you by our highly qualified and experienced group of professionals.

Our production team works closely with scheduling and billing personnel to ensure timely delivery when you need it most. We take pride in our presentation and thoroughness, and set the industry standard for reliability. 

24-HOUR MONITORING FOR CONTINUOUS SERVICE. We understand that our industry does not always adhere to “banker’s hours” and that last minute requests are bound to occur. We work to make ourselves available in your time of need. E-mail or call us and we will gladly exhaust every avenue to accommodate your request.

We provide:

  • Dailies, Expedites & Rough (Dirty) ASCIIs
  • Electronic delivery- E-Transcript, PDF, ASCII
    ***Complimentary with purchase of transcript***
  • Condensed transcripts and ASCIIs
  • Real-Time Reporters
  • Interpreters
  • Legal Videography
  • Video Synchronization
  • Electronic storage of transcripts and exhibits
  • Keyword indexing
  • Document imaging to CD
  • Document Conversion – .txt to .ptx or .pdf
  • Electronic Billing
  • Conference Rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi at all offices
  • Free Long-distance calling (home office only)
  • Low-rate Conference Calls – no reservation required
  • Records pickup and delivery

Practice Areas:

  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations, Hearings and Trials
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Expert/Technical
  • Probate
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Adoption Consents
  • Sworn Statements
  • Examinations – Compulsory; Under Oath; Bankruptcy
  • Criminal
  • Surveillance tapes
  • Legal Transcription – CDs, DVDs, Voicemails
  • Business and Association meetings