PGMM knows how important it is for our clients to not only capture testimony in transcript form, but also on video. There is also the need to present that testimony in a crisp, reliable, professional manner to a jury during trial presentation. We are able to accommodate any of your video needs, including videotaped depositions, synchronized video transcripts, video editing, courtroom playback, and offer a variety of formats (DVD, .mpeg-1&2, .avi, .mov). We deliver quality video reliably and at an affordable price. Tell us your needs and we will deliver.

Also, using the video professionals available to PGMM, you don’t need to fly to New York, California, or anywhere in the country to conduct your deposition. Just call us and we will set up the proceedings via videoteleconference or streaming video from your location, where you can continue to be productive once testimony is concluded. Please contact us to discuss the variety of video services available to our clients.